Big Brother is Watching

You are being Watched, Followed & Recorded!

We commonly go on the internet to do our shopping, conduct research or talk to friends. Little do we know that everything we do is being tracked and stored and used to create a profile of who we are. This data is later used for many purposes. It’s a little bit scary what Big Brother knows and what he might use this information for.

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Retro TV Commercial

An Overview of the Best Persuasive Studies & Techniques

Persuasion is a fascinating topic. In this post we look at some of the most interesting research ever done into persuasion and how this can be used in modern marketing to get your message across.

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Free Hugs

Our Purpose in Life: Invest in People

Modern society has become obsessed with productivity. We are driven to produce more and better work which leads us to work longer hours. Inherent in this system is a neglect of what really matters, our personal relationship to our family and friends. I argue that biological we are designed to be social & we should put what really matters in life first.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Has the Internet Become a Basic Human Need?

Some argue that to take the internet away from a person is a denial of basic human rights. I’ll take you through the push and shove of the arguments. Indeed we could live without it, but it has become awfully important in facilitating certain basic things we have come to depend on.

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Behaviour Following the Aurora Massacre

After Aurora, gun sales in Colorada peaked. Are the same behaviours reflected in online searcher interest? Why is this the case that we become so interested in buying weapons at a time when we should be shunning them?

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Dumb Drunk & Racist Series

Dumb Drunk & Racist?

It’s claimed that Indian’s view Aussie’s as racist. What do people around the world really think of us? We’ve looked at search queries & other indicators from around the world to try and gain insight into what people think.

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Wisdom OF the Crowds

The Wisdom of the Crowds

A crowd is smarter then the sum of it’s individual parts. Leveraging the intelligence of the crowd can help us make better decisions. We look at how this manifests online and how this can be used to make better decisions in marketing.

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Increase Conversion Rates Using Psychology Principles

This post draws on 9 important principles in psychology to inform better website design and marketing. This will positively effect consumer behaviour and ultimately increase conversion rates and profitability.

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